Mr. and Mrs. Bob Branson

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Branson, a super couple.  Here are some pictures of their home almost fully restored.


This is the five bedroom home that we stayed in for over four months after camping in Simmons back yard for six weeks in Mississippi.

Our Home in Magnolia Forest
Before Cleanup

The Simmons Family

The Simmons family became our new family and let us camp in their yard for six weeks when we first got there.   It was so chaotic that it was great to have a place to call home, even while camping out.

We thank the Simmons
Mr. & Mrs. Simmons, a wonderful couple
One Grateful Family

Lisa Ladner’s Home

Large Water Oak forced Lisa to move to Texas.  Back Tree Service team members removed this precarious tree in one day.

Lisa Ladner’s home
The crane is the best way to remove this massive tree

The Camp

For six weeks we camped in the Simmons backyard in Southern Mississippi.  Many thanks to them for their kindness.

Camping at the Simmons
Military style shower did the job

Storage Area

Jeannine  Meeds was one of the many who looked after us.  She provided us with a place to store valuable logs and equipment.

Jake from Indiana preparing for Tim’s future projects

Storage for logs and equipment

Our team members missed their wives and families while away in Louisiana and Mississippi serving the Katrina victims.  These pictures tell a story of loneliness.