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Tamara Murray’s Letter

A nice note from Tamara Murray.


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A wonderful letter from people that said “We are very proud of the work that Back Tree Service did for us… These men are my heroes”.

Bob and Benjie Branson Letter (click to read)

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Kentucky Arborists Association (click to read)

After working with the people down in New Orleans, I was invited to speak to the Kentucky Arborists’ Association about what I experienced.

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Dorothy Malony’s Letter (click to read)

A note from Dorothy Malony in Lacombe

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Beverly was kind enough to send a lot of pictures and I will be posting these on my blog as well.

Beverly Bradley's email

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The Spano’s Letter

The Spanos were typical of the nice people that gave us so much support as we worked long hours in New Orleans.

Letter from The Spanos

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Jerry’s Letter

Jerry was an older gentleman that invited me in for a beer.  After the work was done I was able to take him up on his offer.

It’s people like Jerry that I like to do work for, and all the people that met in the greater New Orleans area.  It’s not the beer, it’s the appreciation shown in letters like this.

We have included a couple of pictures of Jerry in this blog.  It would be great to hear from him once again.

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